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Horned Rat Admin

                                                        Introducing the Freebuild World!

With no application required, there is no better time than now to dive into the amazing world of WarhammerCraft!

Head on over to "/warp Freebuild" to get started!

Every so often when the world is looking cluttered we will wipe the plots. We will give roughly 1 week notice beforehand so everyone has a chance to save builds and take some awesome screenshots.

If you enjoy building on the Freebuild World consider applying to become a Builder as they are given a much larger plot to create and test out designs in! 

Since the Freebuild World is open to all we ask that everyone use some common courtesy when building. Please refrain from building over other creative builds as the Twin Tailed Comet sees all and isn't afraid to crash down on griefers. 

We hope you all enjoy!!

Games are serious business.

Topic starter Posted : 08/09/2021 2:20 pm

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