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Deadrory Builder Application

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Player Name: -deadrory

Age IRL: -20

Country: -USA

Have you joined our Discord?: -Yes

Where did you hear about us?: -Built into the CR launcher server list

Why do you want to join us?: - I would love to participate on a highly skilled build team and exercise my skills with others.

What is your favorite Warhammer faction?: - As I told Howy, I am not really engaged with Warhammer, though of course I will learn with time, as I'll surely research what I'm building.


               CR Works




                 Older vanilla works



Do you have other relevant skills?: - Nothing practical to this project, I dont think.

Topic starter Posted : 18/07/2021 3:59 pm
Member Admin

Hey Deadrory!

Amazing application, you can see how the talent was showing with your vanilla builds and Coinquest has really let your abilities shine through. Congrats, I have promoted you in-game! You are technically on probation, but that only requires you build five houses in our current main server project (/warp messingen).

Once you've done that, please post here letting me know or message me or Cinnamon on Discord. We will look through the houses and if we approve of them, will welcome you on board as a full builder. Please take your time, and don't feel rushed. If you do the five houses in a week, that's great! But if you need a month or more, that's also no big issue. Ideally aim to finish them within one month if you can, but we understand that everyone has other things going on!

Congrats again, and welcome to the team! APPROVED

Posted : 19/07/2021 2:00 pm

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