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Builder Application: Scoopz/Scoopdjm

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[reposted from discord because im HAWT]
Howdy, I am doing the BIG APPLY for WarhammerCraft. I'm not like the best guy or anything, but I'd love to contribute where I can! Here's my app:
Player Name: - Scoopz (scoopdjm is my ingame)
Age IRL: - 25 (im old af, man)
Country: - US
Have you joined our Discord?: - Yuh.
Where did you hear about us?: - Conquest Reforged servers page.
Why do you want to join us?: - I like Warhammer and I like building things, but sometimes when you build alone it sucks and you get demotivated, its nice when you have goals and other people there.
What is your favorite Warhammer faction?: - I'm an Empire man, born and bred. WELCOME TO ESTALIA, GENTLEMEN [gelt intensifies] (I am kind of obsessed with Dwarves though...)
1.) My first an only Ardacraft build:
2.) Ardacraft Application builds:
3.) Very old WesterosCraft App Builds (for reference anyways):
Do you have other relevant skills?: - I'm a pretty decent pixel artist and a good writer.
BY SIGMAR, the Hammer, and the Empire! [saltz your pyre]
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