About WarhammerCraft


WarhammerCraft is committed to accurately building the Old World continent as depicted in the Warhammer Fantasy universe. Founded in 2020 by Howy, Cinnamon_Stickk and Faegir_Dereksson, the WarhammerCraft server is the ultimate unofficial recreation of Warhammer in Minecraft.



Players can fly around and admire our work, or apply to join our build team. WarhammerCraft uses the standard Minecraft launcher, implementing unique models and pack resources to better our world visually. Currently, the most of the Old World is already implemented (albeit a bit flat in areas!). The map is 73,728 x 46,592 blocks – approximately equivalent to 3,435 sq km of land. Whether you’re a fan of Warhammer or just enjoy Minecraft, WarhammerCraft is open for all to explore!

Our Staff


Co-Founder & Admin

Server Host; also manages projects, applications, complaints, IT support and server design + administration.


Co-Founder & Admin

Manages projects, applications, complaints, IT support, website and server administration.


Co-Founder & Overseer

Oversees server progress, coordinating with Admins to plan server projects and help with general administration.



Moderates server activity, approves applications and works with administrators on server project and goals coordination.